Stevie Nicks has confirmed that the members of Fleetwood Mac will be reuniting next year for a reunion tour, although Stevie Nicks also has a busy schedule that year because of her continued plans for concert promotions to support her continuing solo album projects. At one time, Fleetwood Mac became one of the biggest commercial successes in rock history through a long string of successful albums and singles released in the the U.S. on the Reprise Records label.

Formed in 1967, Fleetwood Mac was originally a UK blues act, but the band later drew in American artists such Bob Welch and Stevie Nicks, taking on a more popular music sound that made the act a much larger success. Bob Welch was largely credited with giving the act a more commercial sound, although he left Fleetwood Mac shortly after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the group, missing out on most of the biggest success of the act. With growing health problems, Bob Welch recently killed himself, apparently not wanting to be a further burden to his wife and family.

Although the band managed great success, behind all that success was a saga of sex and drugs. Stevie Nicks had a relationship with Lindsey Buckingham and later Mick Fleetwood. And she battled a decade long cocaine addiction according to published reports such as a story in Q Magazine published in 2001. Yet, despite all of the problems, Fleetwood Mac managed to sell 140 million records so far in their career.

SAY YOU WILL from 2003 was the group’s last album, with a tour that year, and the Unleashed Tour followed in 2009, however no new album was released to support that tour. 2013’s tour could be the same. So far no new album has been announced. Yet, with so many classic rock acts issuing new digital albums these days, some sort of live album might even be possible.