Incredible, but true! Bruce Springsteen was playing a public concert in Hyde Park, however he was aware that a 10:15 curfew remained in effect at the park, where all music had to cease by 10:15. But, Springsteen and his E Street Band only continued to play, and at 10:40 Paul McCartney even hopped onstage to join in on an old Beatles number, when park officials told the concert promoters to cut off the microphones and informed the music legends to pack it up for the night.

Well, that had to be pretty humiliating to the two music legends. Bet that was the first time in many a year since either were kicked off a stage.

Hey Dude!(Get off the stage). I Saw Them Standing There!(But, how can I dance when they’re kicked off the stage), etc. A few more Beatles and Springsteen song titles will work fine as jokes here.