The late troubled lead singer for The Doors, Jim Morrison would have turned 66 on July 3, if he would have lived. He apparently died in Paris of a heroin overdose under mysterious circumstances on July 3 1971 at the age of 27. A computer enhanced photo of Jim Morrison at the age of 65 was generated last year by researchers at the University Of St. Andrews that accounted for normal aging factors.

It was generally conceded that Jim Morrison died at home in his Paris apartment from snorting heroin, as he was rumored to be afraid to use needles. But, in recent years a man who managed a rock music bar, called The Rock And Roll Circus in Paris, has claimed that Morrison made a drug deal and went into a bathroom stall to snort heroin and ended up dying on a toilet from an overdose. A doctor declared him dead and couldn’t revive him, but the bar didn’t want problems with the police for having a celebrity OD at the bar, so the body of Jim Morrison was supposedly brought across town to his apartment by the two drug dealers who pretended to be helping a mate who passed out. They then ran a bath, put him in it, to make it look like he died at home. No autopsy was ever performed, making the death of Jim Morrison seem suspicious to many fans who questioned whether he was really dead or not.

The grave of Jim Morrison at a Paris cemetery has become a sort of shrine for many young people to visit and pay their respects to the late great singer. Some bring flowers, while others sit on the grave and play guitar looking for song inspiration from their legend.