Disney received plenty of condemnation for their $240 million dollar film from the critics, resulting in the film just narrowly making back it’s huge production money. However, these critics were too unkind to a film that’s perfectly good entertainment, and a little like a new attempt to create a new STAR WARS type film saga. The film just had too many good things about it to receive the unkind reviews it got. Some characters like the huge space dog quickly grows on you as a lovable character, and manages to convey all of the sense of love and loyalty that you’d expect in a dog. And John Carter’s relationship with this dog became a pretty nice little side story compared to the larger story which could have ended better, but still had enough good elements in the overall film to be very good.

The movie was pretty much a box office dud in the United States, but foreign audiences in Russia and some other parts of the world really loved this film much more than U.S. audiences, and proudly flocked to movie houses to embrace this movie.

The U.S. BluRay disc is in that 3D format that’s an additional bonus to this expansive tale of a former Confederate soldier who falls into enough events to be transported to Mars and championed efforts to save troubled warriors from an evil kingdom power.

This was supposed to be the first book of the 11 volume Edgar Rice Burroughs book series, BARSROOM series, however the weak box office showing probably dooms this series to a one shot affair where Disney will be unlikely to risk more money on a investment that may not pay off. That’s a sad end to what could have been a promising series.

The Bottom Line: JOHN CARTER might have fell short of being a new STAR WARS, yet it’s still a very fine film to enjoy with a nice bag of popcorn. And popcorn movies don’t come with much bigger budgets than this one. This is a big budget expansive film with great sets and special effects, although the story at times fall short of the wonderful production of the film. ***(Three Stars, Good. Certainly a worthwhile BluRay to own for the expansive 3D imagery. A far better film than many critics have suggested by their scathing reviews).