Taco Bell might have very good Mexican food for a very good price, and nearly instant service. But, the company just has never been able to satisfy drive-through customers because of problems with customers not getting taco sauce and no doubt continues to make enemies each day because the company still has no good system whatsoever to deal with the delivery of their taco sauce to wanting customers. Counter clerks almost never ask customers if they want sauce with their tacos. Customers just get a rude surprise of dry tacos when they discover they never got sauce with their once they get home.

I even stumbled on a story recently, where some angry customer even went so far as threatening a Taco Bell employee with a rifle after he didn’t receive any hot sauce in his order. That’s certainly extreme and uncalled for, as well as highly illegal. However, the company only continues to anger customers when drive-through employees don’t even bother to ask customers if they want hot sauce or not, or even often forget to add taco sauce after they are asked to do so. Maybe as many as one in three visits to taco bell will either result in no sauce or the wrong sauce. This problem is really that bad.

Although it’s not really a laughing matter to some poor customer who has to eat a dry taco or burrito, FUNNY CRAVE even had an interesting piece on this dilemma a while ago where the author claims to have a bag of emergency taco sauce ready at home for the times in which he receives no taco sauce after he requested it at Taco Bell so he doesn’t have to eat dry tacos.

But, as funny as things might seem, there’s a serious business story here. A highly successful business manages to anger and alienate customers each and every day by their counter clerks either not asking their customers what taco sauce they want or else forgetting to include it in the order. This business will only continue to have customer relations problems until this sauce issue is resolved.

Every day some customers may avoid Taco Bell, probably costing the company millions a day in lost sales. They’re still mad about not getting that taco sauce back on May 23,194

I even have a theory that some real characters like Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden might have been perfectly decent guys until one day when they didn’t get their taco sauce at Taco Bell….and, well the rest is history.