Former Beatle Ringo Starr just turned 72 on July 7, but older age sure isn’t slowing down the rock music icon who released one of his best albums in years with RINGO 2012 earlier this year, and has many other projects going on as well. ROLLING STONE Magazine readers picked Ringo Starr as the fifth best drummer of all time among rock musicians, proving that he was more than just fellow of questionable talent who went along for a ride into history on the backs of the other three more famous Beatles.

Paul McCartney’s latest album seemed like a real dud and a disappointing easy listening bit of fluff, but Ringo Starr really impressed with his far better effort on RINGO 2012, which seemed like a great bit of production, talent and actually broke a little bit of new ground musically for Ringo Starr, standing as a worthy release that you’d expect of any former Beatle.

Ringo Starr has always been a well loved and very likable fellow with a very friendly style, as well as being the most critically actor among The Beatles. Although, almost never in the spotlight as much as the other Beatles after the band split in 1970, Ringo Starr manages to emerge with something very impressive every so often, with 2012 looking to be one of his best years recently.

Although sometimes reclusive, Ringo Starr did an incredible act of kindness a couple years ago when he learned about a recovering 17 year old brain cancer survivor from Virginia and met him in Los Angeles and gave him a beautiful Ludwig drum set as a gift.

Well Happy Birthday Ringo. We love you. You’re a terrific guy and one of the greatest entertainers of our lifetime. Our lives are so much better because of you.