The lowkey infomercials for My Pillow make this incredible seeming pillow seem the cure for insomnia, lack of quality sleep, and a whole host of other sleep disorders and physical ailments. And the presenter/inventor of My Pillow seems an honest enough fellow. He has a certain sincerity often lacking from other more slick infomercial presenters.

But a wide range of consumer complaints posted on the Internet paint a far less flattering image of what turns out to be one of the most expensive pillows sold on the entire planet. Unless you receive some sort of Online or coupon discount this pillow costs about $100 once shipping and handling are included, although available discounts can bring this made for TV product down to around $75. But, compared to plenty of department store pillows often selling for much less than $10, that’s a rather hefty price.

One analyst claimed that the company’s ads are actually a little more slick than their lowkey style might actually suggest, with many subtle sexually suggestive keys used to spur sales and to appeal to the consumer. On the other hand, when some key words like It’s a “miracle” seem to appeal to people of faith, who want to believe in something of a greater power, as though this product was divinely inspired much like some set of golden tablets once might have been.

Further, one former employee of the company who prefers to go by the name, “Annetge” claims that the product is “no good” and a “scam”, although there are others who swear that they now receive the best sleep of their lives with this pillow.

Part of what seems controversial is actual delivery of the pillow. You’d expect a pillow to be a reasonable large item to be shipped via UPS or Fedex, but what consumers actually receive is the pillow wrapped in a container hardly any bigger than a two liter cola bottle. That looks horrifying to many consumers, but upon further instructions it appears that the pillow must be placed in a dryer to open it up and to activate it. It then takes on the shape and size of a full size pillow, however some Online complaints claim that the pillow still isn’t as smooth or soft as most normal department store pillows and is lumpy. At least one consumer was quick to throw his pillow away in the trash, despite paying the high price. One complaint claims that the company actually makes just over $20 for every pillow it handles as a return due to charges they access the disgruntled customer.

Another strange problem with My Pillow is some consumer complaints about some strong chemical odor that comes from the pillow, which makes a few customers sick or gives them a headache. This smell gets better with time, but is shock to many customers.

There are still a great many satisfied customers for My Pillow, who claim that this pillow is just what they really needed. That they now get more REM sleep and now feel refreshed each day for work, or that their health or sleep disturbance problems now seem much better.

The bottom line is that different people require different sorts of pillows to feel better or to sleep better. And this very expensive pillow might actually be just some people need to sleep better, while other people can get by just fine with your run of the mill department store or WalMart grade pillow.

Like your preference for ice cream, some people just have different tastes.