Kate Middleton, Bad Teeth

Kate Middleton, Bad Teeth

The U.S. magazine The New Republic photoshopped the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton with some really nasty teeth for their latest publication. The point of the bad teeth (aside for the stereotype of Britons having bad teeth) seems to have something to do with the state of the United Kingdom in anticipation of the summer Olympics in London. The article in The New Republic is titled, ‘Something’s Rotten. The Last Days of Britain’.

Even though the Brits can be brutal in their own coverage of the Royal family (Kate Middleton in particular), they certainly don’t like others using her like this as evidenced by their immediate and avid defense of their future Queen Consort.

So the Daily Mail goes to lengths to give a glowing report of the Duchess’ teeth situation while making sure to point out that American smiles are much too perfect. (Note the comment ‘un-American and therefore beautiful’). Ha. Okay. We get the jab. They are a little sensitive about all this it seems.

Last year the pearly white Duchess spent thousands of pounds having her teeth polished and turned to give her the perfect smile.

French dentist Didier Fillion used a hidden brace to make Kate’s teeth appear a little out of line, un-American and therefore beautifully natural.

‘He did some little micro-rotations on Kate,’ his dentist Bernard Touati revealed. ‘That’s why they look so good – because they are not perfectly aligned.

‘The problem in the United States is they have very artificial vision. But what we like is a natural healthy smile, but not artificial.’
How Prince Charles, complete with bad teeth, appeared on classic U.S. cartoon series The Simpsons

How Prince Charles, complete with bad teeth, appeared on classic U.S. cartoon series The Simpsons

Dr Fillion, also an expert in polishing and whitening teeth, has a clinic in London’s Wimpole Street as well as in Paris and Geneva.

Creating the perfect smile can take the Frenchman anything from six months to two years and costs from £4,000 to £11,000.

Brits having bad teeth is a staple of American humour about the UK. For example, in one episode of the hot comedy The Simpsons Lisa was shown The Big Book of British Teeth by her orthodontist.

One commenter said: ‘Not cool. I am not an imperialist (not even close!), but she seems to be a genuine person. She is young, beautiful, and privileged. Apparently grave sins to many people.

‘Yet I wonder if these are the same critics who keep up on the Kardashians, or whatever flavour of the month Hollywood squirts out.

‘She is a person who did not deserve this low blow. Shame on them. I will wouldn´t even think to read anything from them ever again.’

One poster said it was ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and another said, ‘the magazine should be sued for libel’.

Lee, from Vancouver, said: ‘What else an one expect from a Republican magazine, they probably dislike themselves. Satire or not, it is still very disrespectful.’

Another poster said: ‘Cheap shot. They know she will remain dignified and not say a word, allowing them to “get away with it”.’

The magazine is on news stands now in the State.

Okay, point made. The Brits can attack the Brits but no one else can. A fight between brothers and all that. We get it.

However, I can’t help but notice that the Duchess (who is gorgeous by the way and needs no one to defend her appearance) went to a FRENCH dentist. I’m not sure what that says about British dentist. Its just an observations. Make of it what you will.

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