After actress Natalie Wood died from a mysterious presumed drowning in 1981, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office had ruled her cause of death as accidental drowning. However, after the yacht’s captain Dennis Davern went public this past November with claims that arguments took place on the yacht where actors Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood were partying on, and that Robert Wagner asked the captain not to look for the actress after she either fell into the water, a new police investigation into the death was opened. Now, with a number of bruises on Natalie Wood’s body that were not consistent with a mere drowning, the L.A. Coroner has changed the cause of death to “undetermined”.

It is still highly possible that Natalie Wood may have slipped and fallen after the night of heavy drinking, and that the bruises could have been caused by her falling down. But, the captain did report some arguing on the boat, which has created a cloud of controversy for the death of the actress. Enough evidence existed for the L.A. Coroner to revise the death report, but not to go further. But, the reclassification of her death report now means that this is an open case for further police investigation, although it still seems that accidental drowning is the most likely cause of death at this point because of the heavy drinking involved.

It was Thanksgiving weekend in 1981 when the actress drowned near Santa Catalina Island in California aboard the yacht party.

Captain Dennis Davern claims that he lied on the original police report, and that the fighting on the boat may had something to do with the death of the 43 year old actress.