Remember that outrageous novelty song, “The Purple People Eater”? Well, now there a custom trike based off that song that’s also purple, also has one horn, and also has one headlight(one eye). It seems that Tony Richey of Jefferson, IN is the proud owner of this VW powered trike that’s as faithful to the outrageous novelty song as you can come.

Back in an old POPULAR MECHANICS Magazine in the early 70’s there was once some plans to build a small high mileage urban sport car that had three wheels that had a great deal of similarity to this small trike based car. I can’t help but wonder if this car was built partially off those old body plans, but customized. Regardless, this very cool little trike based car was recently posted on the official website of The Brothers Of The Third Wheel Motorcycle Club. And I might add that it’s a very interesting entry.

Legally, any car with just three wheels is motorcycle. So this car may look like a car, but it’s really not according to U.S. licensing rules. But, being a motorcycle makes the licensing easier and the insurance hopefully cheaper.

What can we say? Way cool to this outrageous trike!