It might be a sign that some of the catalog items of The Doors are beginning to fall into that limbo-land area of just marginal sales, but the once critically panned third album by The Doors, WAITING FOR THE SUN, is being rereleased by Rhino as a low price cd that some retailers like CD Universe are now offering for just $4.48 as a pre-order item.

Compared to the awesome debut album by The Doors, or the superb concept album, STRANGE DAYS, WAITING FOR THE SUN was maligned by some critics for being an uneven mix of wicked little Jim Morrison ditties, which also included their pop hit single, “Hello I Love You”. But, even “Hello I Love You” managed it’s own controversy for not only being manhandled by the critics as pure pop music, but being blamed for being nothing more than a ripoff version of The Kinks song, “All Of The Day All of The Night”. Further, the lengthy Jim Morrison poetry master work, “Celebration Of The Lizard” only had an excerpt included with “Not To Touch the Earth”. The lengthy studio version of the song just never came to see light from the band, although on ABSOLUTELY LIVE, the long song was recorded live.

Despite all of these problems, on the strength of “Hello I Love You”, WAITING FOR THE SUN actually became the only #1 album for The Doors during their career despite better albums such their first two albums or even L.A. WOMAN.

But, the album did manage more than a few great songs known partially for their wickedness as well as eerie Jim Morrison poetry signature. “We Could Be So Good Together” just seems like a great album filler song to me. But, “The Unknown Soldier” and “Five To One” are pure Doors music classics, and great 60’s counterculture standards by any definition of that generation’s turbulent music.

Maybe it’s the economy or something? Or maybe the new low price for this 1968 Doors album might spur sales of it where new fans who never bought the album on vinyl, 8track or cassette tape will buy a copy for the first time and enjoy one of the very best bands from the golden era of classic rock. But, also let’s hope that this low price doesn’t mean that this is the first step toward this album becoming a cutout or being deleted from the catalog items of The Doors. Every album of theirs deserves to be preserved for the future. And whenever the physical cd is replaced by a newer and better sounding music medium of the future, WAITING FOR THE SUN needs to survive and be enjoyed.