Teens are getting injured with a new crazy stunt called the “ice and salt challenge”, where they sprinkle table salt on their skin, then place ice on it, creating a sort of chemical reaction that results in a burning sensation turning the skin red, and possibly progressing to blisters and burns as serious as second degree burns, requiring emergency room services. The object of the game is to endure as much pain as possible with as red of a mark as possible to prove your bravery. However even very young girls, sometimes just barely in their teenage years also seem to posting videos over on YouTube in an attempt to prove themselves just as tough as the boys in this latest teen danger or pain stunt.

Although the burns from the “ice and salt challenge” are similar to frostbite burns, they can be as serious as a severe burn from fire or heat. The chemical reaction of ice and salt can be very dangerous and cause very serious injuries.

Another outrageous teenage stunt involving a mouthful of the spice cinnamon is also very popular on YouTube and video posting sites as well. This will cause coughing up a red cloud of smoke and has a very bizarre, but funny appearance, but can also be another very dangerous stunt as well with serious health consequences.