New details continue to emerge in the huge story of the breakup of the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. And TMZ is only helping to fuel the breaking news with a claim that Katie Holmes, who is Roman Catholic, was concerned that Tom Cruise might try to force her and their 6 year old daughter, Suri, to be raised in the Scientology religion.

Further, it appeared that lawyers for Katie Holmes may have deliberately shopped for a state in which divorce laws would favor things that she wants such as sole custody of her child, Suri. Lawyers for Katie Holmes filed in New York, rather than their native California, where she is not only far more like to gain sole custody, but as TMZ also points out, any divorce proceedings in NYC could also create huge tax problems for Tom Cruise.

Apparently the couple maintain an apartment in NYC, although they have a home in California. But, Tom Cruise has been careful to avoid any appearance that he’s a New York state or New York City resident because of serious tax liability issues he could face in that city and the state. Katie Holmes may be really screwing him by filing in New York City of all places because of all these factors according to TMZ’s claims.

Further, other sources such as CBS News claim that Tom Cruise has been taken totally by surprise by all of these events surrounding the divorce. Publicly, he only spoke of how well the marriage was going in every possible interview including a recent PLAYBOY one.

On an early morning CBS News program earlier today, it was mentioned that Katie Holmes might believe that she can venture out on a big acting career on her own. However, it might be a little questionable whether she will command as much attention if no longer the wife of Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise actually brought Katie Holmes a great deal of popularity for the actress once only best known as the “girl” in that DAWSON’S CREEK TV series. Katie Holmes best shot at popularity was almost certainly as the wife of Tom Cruise. Stepping out from under his umbrella of fame probably is not a good career move.

Celebrity experts and watchers will debate this story intensely the next few days, and you can almost certainly expect one speculation after another on this big celebrity news story.