There’s a lot of big celebrity news this Friday. And one blockbuster story is the split of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes after five years of marriage. The couple have one 6 year old daughter together, Suri. But, some insider reports sound like the marriage had been dissolving for some time despite many public events which seemed to show a couple very much in love. Katie Holmes is one who is filing for the divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” in her divorce papers. Her lawyer commented that this is “private” and “personal” matter for the actress and her famous actor husband, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise is currently in the the huge new film, ROCK OF AGES. Even in a recent PLAYBOY interview, TOM Cruise seemed to indicate that the marriage was going fine, and about how the couple keep romance alive.

With so many bigger news stories today, this Hollywood royalty couple have really stolen the limelight from others with the sad story of the breakup of their marriage. This is a real blockbuster story here!