Jenny McCarthy’s new August 2012 PLAYBOY issue comes out today, and the 39 year old comic actress looks simply stunning, where she appears to be channeling great actresses of yesteryear like Veronica Lake in the elegant nude pictorial. PLAYBOY is also offering more exclusive Jenny McCarthy content Online through their subscription service where exclusive nude pictorials of Kim Kardashian and others are also available as well. All of this looks good enough to give PLAYBOY a second look if you were a former subscriber or reader. Further, PLAYBOY always offers extremely good editorial content such as the PLAYBOY Forum where some important political or social topic is discussed in detail and many facts and arguments not normally seen in the mainstream press are often included.

With a short free preview video of the Jenny McCarthy photo shoot available for viewing on the PLAYBOY Online site, Jenny McCarthy looks absolutely beautiful, sexy and desirable, with her large beautiful breasts pouring out over her black bra and elegant lingerie.

Some leaked photos from Egotastic of the Jenny McCarthy photoshoot are featured here. In most of the leaked photos, Jenny is wearing panties, however appears to go all nude in part of the PLAYBOY preview video on their site. You’ll really have to subscribe to see more of this great Jenny McCarthy video content. And PLAYBOY is offering a special one day, $1 offer, so you can see all that you want of the beautiful Jenny McCarthy for a single buck for all you horny guys on a limited budget who really have the hots for Ms. McCarthy.

While Jenny McCarthy remains a wildly popular entertainer, her new Summer season reality show, LOVE IN THE WILD, only seems to have very moderate appeal so far. But, part of the sluggish ratings were no doubt due to having to counter the NBC Finals in some parts of the country. With the NBA title now settled, Jenny McCarthy’s new show should have a much better run at Summer ratings.

Interestingly, Jenny McCarthy isn’t the only beautiful and popular member of the McCarthy clan. Melissa McCarthy from the hit CBS comedy, MIKE & MOLLY, is her first cousin. While Melissa McCarthy might not get asked by PLAYBOY to pose nude, I still bet there’s plenty of guys willing to pay to see the big and beautiful Melissa McCarthy pose nude if ever asked. And there’s plenty of men’s magazines that feature big and beautiful babes out there, where Melissa should consider following in her first cousin’s footsteps if ever asked.

The Jenny McCarthy PLAYBOY should be a huge seller. So go out and buy one today before your newsstand is all sold out. This issue is sure to be a collector’s item!

Jenny McCarthy should be very good for business over at PLAYBOY.