While John Deere and other popular tractor brands continue to be popular in the large market for agricultural equipment, India’s Mahindra tractors have quietly become the world’s best selling brand, including in the United States, where the company now has three assembly plants. It just illustrates the strength of India emerging as a major force in vehicle manufacturing, putting itself in a position to some day field a number of automobiles in the United States. Both China and India could some day rule a large part of the American automobile market through both imported and domestically produced models. It will be the next wave of foreign competition for Detroit to contend with. Possibly, all Detroit auto makers could some day even all be bought out by Chinese and Indian companies, where no solely U.S. brand even exists. In 2008, the British Jaguar brand was acquired by a business consortium involving Mahindra for example.

Founded in 1945 as the second World War was just ending, Mahindra & Mahindra quickly became one of the best managed Indian steel companies and has eventually acquired the rights to produce Jeep brand vehicles for the Indian market. But, with great economic strength the company has been able to acquire other companies around the world including in China, South Korea, the UK, and in the United States.

Now, Mahindra is also a manufacturer of motorcycles as well, competing in that huge market of 50 million motorcycles a year produced. And Mahindra is becoming a leader in green automobiles with electric car and micro-hybrid automobile production as well. Small green automobiles from Mahindra could some day be as common as grass in the U.S.

Gross income for Mahindra was a staggering $7.39 billion dollars in 2011, easily making the company one of the greatest companies on the planet. And it’s still a rising star, where it’s new empathsis on green vehicles that use little or no fossil fuels or produce little pollution makes this company one to watch.