Answer: Alex Trebek. Question: Who are JEOPARDY hosts recovering from a heart attack? But the host of JEOPARDY, the ultra-popular syndicated TV game show that pits some of the most intelligent persons on the planet against each other is recovering from a mild heart attack scare and should be well and back to work by next month according to sources.

Alex Trebek seems to be doing very well today, and is reported to be in “good spirits” by sources.

This is actually the second heart attack scare for the popular game show host since 2007. He also had another hospital visit for a torn Achilles tendon after he ran after an attempted burglar while staying at a hotel room last Summer.

JEOPARDY begins filming for the Fall season next month, but Alex Trebek is expected to be back in good enough form by that time and appears to be just fine thanks to the excellent care of his doctors.

Canadian born game show host Alex Trebek is 71. He became a U.S. citizen in 1998. He certainly has many more difficult questions left to face contestants on JEOPARDY, and should be back to normal in no time at all. – Here’s to that speedy recovery, Alex. The best to you from Wizbang Pop!

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