As good as a journalist is, and as likable as Ann Curry is, the wheels really fell off over at THE TODAY SHOW when she was paired with Matt Lauer as cohost. First the ratings began to slip, and then frictions with Matt Lauer started with the two anchors. What once seemed like such a happy family over at THE TODAY SHOW turned out to only be an illusion, where Ann Curry will be leaving THE TODAY SHOW next week and NBC is giving her a guaranteed $10 million dollars for this year, regardless of whether she works or not.

Ann Curry is such a respected world class journalist that she will no doubt be used somewhere by NBC news. But, the story has to be pretty sour for fans of THE TODAY SHOW to swallow. Ann Curry seemed popular enough, and the frictions with Matt Lauer were certainly not something that was expected. Likely, THE TODAY SHOW will never be the same and has lost it’s precious edge to GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Hoda Kotb will replace Ann Curry on the show.

Regis Philbin came out of his short retirement to cohost the fourth hour of THE TODAY SHOW with Kathie Lee Gifford last week. Whether this could possibly last for more than a few appearances remains to be seen for the 80 year old show business veteran.

Update: Ann Curry used to like a funny story about her Japanese mother who was raised in that male dominated society where women were in a more submissive role in that culture. When growing up, her mother in her funny, but cute, Japanese manner told young Ann that “men need sex” as part of her dating advice, which seemed to mean that as a girlfriend you had to do enough to keep the boyfriend satisfied.

Ann Curry was also a native of my own own state, Oregon. And attended college here as well. She’s kind of a local favorite here in Oregon, where local folks sure cheer for her.

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