This week, Megan Crafton became the most attractive young woman in the news to be arrested for a sex crime, thanks to the complicated and contradictory laws in Indiana. The part time cheerleading coach was arrested for an incident of oral sex that she performed on a 17 year old high school basketball player in a supermarket parking lot, which is actually legal under Indiana law as the age of consent is just 16 in the state, or lower than most U.S. states. However, it was breaking another law in Indiana that made it illegal for teachers or anyone in a position of power to have sex with students or persons under their charge under the age of 18 that actually got the beautiful 22 year blond arrested on sex charges. She faces three years in prison, and has pleaded not guilty at her recent hearing.

The lawyer for Crafton has also contended that because she is only a part time member of the cheerleading staff and not an actual teacher at the high school, that the Indiana law doesn’t apply to her.

Indiana probably needs to get it’s laws in sync. And this case could lead to some sort of state Supreme Court decision if things go that far. Regardless, it’s yet another outrageous story of more going on at school than just reading, writing and arithmetic and a whole new legal mess for the lawyers and courts to argue over.

Update: The Crafton household now has this latest crisis to deal with. On Megan Crafton’s Facebook page, she has a large tribute to a close relative, Gracie Faye Hurt, who died at just age 6 in 2011. The Crafton’s appear to be a decent and wholesome family, where their daughter found herself caught between the contradictory laws of Indiana, and is now accused of being a criminal.