New advances in hologram technology may return some of the greatest rock music legends back to the concert scene very soon. Currently, the estates of some big artists such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis are looking into using holograms to project images of these great performers back to life on the stage for live shows. The acclaimed use of a hologram image of Tupac at a music festival earlier this year has helped to inspire a number of agents and representatives of late performers to seek new business deals with the company responsible for the Tupac performance technology, Digital Domain Media Group.

Reportedly, a deal has already been signed to produce an Elvis show, while a representative of Jim Morrison’s estate is looking into the possibility of returning Jim Morrison back to the stage as a hologram as well.

Interestingly, it was Disney who seemed to look to new technology years ago to add new dimensions of realism to some of their rides such as the amazing robotic Abraham Lincoln and later a powerful projection of a face on to a bust in their Haunted Mansion ride. However, with the death of some great performers who still manage to sell music in big numbers, the use of this awesome technology could prove to be big business for some estates of the performers as well as very satisfying to many fans, especially younger ones who never got to see these performers in their lifetime.

Some day very soon, many popular performers including The Beatles may return to the stage as holograms. Welcome to the future of entertainment.