Frank Cady’s name may have never been a household one, but he was a familiar face in three 1960’s rural comedy productions over at CBS, including GREEN ACRES, PETTICOAT JUNCTION and THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, where he played the mild mannered general store owner Sam Drucker. Frank and his wife moved to Wilsonville, Oregon back in the 1990’s, but his wife passed away a few years ago. Cady died of natural causes in his Oregon home.

Cady served in the military during WWII, over in Europe, and tried his hand at several things including news announcing and acting, eventually landing small roles in films such as REAR WINDOW as the husband of a woman who owned a dog in the film. Never a headliner himself, Cady was a reliable character actor presence in any film in which he worked, eventually finding himself cast in the three rural comedy productions over at CBS.

Cady starred in many productions from 1948 up until 1990, but in many of them such as THE GNOMEMOBILE, he was an uncredited actor in the production, and made many appearances one shot appearances in numerous TV shows as well, where his work in the three CBS comedies was his most steady work ever, even though he considered himself “typecast” in an OREGONIAN interview, which seemed like a rather strange observation from the largely uncredited actor.

Unlike many actors in the three CBS comedies which played their roles large and outrageous, Frank Cady played his roles pretty straight, seeming less eccentric and goofy than most of the other actors were. But, he was a likable guy, where you enjoyed a visit to his little general store. He might have strangely inspired many a young fellow to consider honest entrepreneurship, compared to the absurd and annoying Mr. Haney character who was like a cheap huckster prepared to sell anyone anything just to make a profit in GREEN ACRES.

The passing of Frank Cody is yet another sign of the passing of time.