Pastor Creflo Dollar who is seen weekly on the Trinity Broadcast Network heads one of the largest African American churches in the United States. He’s seen as one of the nation’s leading pastors. However, a dispute with his 15 year old daughter at one of his homes in Atlanta turned into a fight causing his daughter minor injuries so she called the police on her father. Creflo Dollar didn’t want his child to attend a party, which he felt conflicted with his religious values, and the domestic violence episode resulted where police were called.

Creflo Dollar runs several satellite churches in several U.S. cities including Atlanta, New York, and other locations and has over 30,000 church members. His church is one of the largest in the U.S., but has faced condemnation by some who call it a “prosperity gospel” church.

Sen Charles Grassley(R-Iowa)-Iowa) attempted to put several megachurch leaders including Creflo Dollar under his investigation before, but Dollar refused to cooperate in the investigation, but none of the non-cooperative church leaders were charges with obstruction of congress or faced other penalties. Further, no definitive findings of criminal wrongdoing were discovered through Grassley’s investigation.