Just as John Travolta is seeking to refute allegations that he acted sexually inappropriate with at least two male massage therapists, a new bombshell story has hit his ability to defend himself in court. John Travolta’s former assistant, Joan Edwards, claims the actor had a six year gay relationship with a male pilot who worked for him. Travolta eventually earned himself a pilot’s license as well, and always had an interest in aircraft and flying.

According to an interview in THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, former assistant, Joan Edwards, who worked for Travolta from 1978 to 1994, claims that Travolta and his pilot, Doug Gotterba carried on a six year gay relationship. According to what Gotterba told Edwards, John Travolta was constantly grabbing at his private parts, but the pilot let such conduct go on mostly because John Travolta well paid him for his work as a pilot. But, Gotterba claims that he eventually sexual interest in Travolta because of his hairy body as well as some major weight gain, and began to find him sexually unappealing and the two began to drift apart as a couple.

John Travolta was hoping to refute the allegations made by two male massage therapists, but now that appear a little more difficult as new character witnesses could potentially hurt the actor’s case if it arrives in court for a hearing.