Actually, it was Highway 484. But, a 35 year old woman was arrested for putting on a public masturbation show on the highway for passing motorists in Ocala, Florida. One witness claimed that the public masturbation show went on for more than 30 minutes before authorities arrived, so you know how this witness spent a sunny Florida afternoon. Apparently, when motorists honked at her, it only further encouraged her public masturbation show. But, like any show, the curtain finally came down, and police spoiled her public pubic party and arrested Ashley Holton for public lewdness.

When a police officer attempted to put pants on the public pubic entertainer, she reportedly assaulted him. But, back in jail all seemed to be forgiven, where she asked officers to kiss her vagina, and to make nice.

Well, blame it on public intoxication if you may. But, it was just another outrageous day in Florida, and certainly a better public nuisance story than some crime stories. Her silly crimes hardly make her pubic enemy #1.