Orlando Woolridge was one of the NBA’s most durable players for 13 seasons until chronic heart problems sidelined the reliable forward in recent years. After hospice care at his parent’s home in Mansfield, LA, the NBA star passed away from his heart problems. Woolridge was first drafted by the Chicago Bulls, but had a number of other stints with the Lakers, or played with seven teams in all besides coaching the Los Angeles Sparks, the WNBA team.

Woolridge was able to contribute an average of 16 points in 28 minutes of average play as a player, which are pretty good statistics. He was allays an important supporting player to any team he played with, giving any star player a reliable backing. Before Michael Jordan’s stint with Chicago, Orlando Woolridge was their highest scoring player and considered the team’s star.

Woolridge attended Notre Dame, and his sister who survived him became a doctor. But, back in late February the basketball great was arrested for a bizarre crime at a construction site stealing aluminum tubing valued at over $1500, which seemed highly uncharacteristic of anything else in his life, and unusual for anyone who was so sick with chronic heart trouble.

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