While Summer has some really great series such as AMERICA’s GOT TALENT that are excellent Summer TV entertainment, it is also the dumping ground for unaired episodes of some shows that were quickly canceled. Last Saturday, CBS aired a couple of the unaired comedy episodes of HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN, which certainly paled in quality against their other fine comedies such as THE BIG BANG THEORY, TWO BROKE GIRLS, MIKE AND MOLLY or TWO AND A HALF MEN as some good examples.

These Summer dumping ground shows are interesting TV. A second chance to get to see why some TV shows quickly failed that will never make it to DVD, because no one wants them and too few episodes exist to offer.

Some of these quickly canceled TV shows make you wonder what some TV executives were thinking in the first place. But, they’re a rare glimpse into failed TV. But, you probably won’t be seeing any unaired episodes of NBC’s THE PLAYBOY CLUB this Summer. Controversy and political pressures from extremists probably make this dead series dead for good. NBC originally planned to shoot some nudity for the home DVD versions of this show, which will never be released, ever.

About all that can said for these Summer dumping ground shows is that they’re something that you haven’t seen before and at least a new program among a schedule of many repeats. I guess that’s at least something.

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