The highly controversial 1954 novel by Pauline Reage(Anne Desclos), THE STORY OF O has seen a number of incarnations over the years including the classic 1975 film staring Corinne Clery, which got a pretty good reception in American arthouse theaters, but was banned in the UK until the year 2000. The story has also found it’s way into cable miniseries as well as Italian comic book editions. And while the 1975 book version of the book was most true to the original novel’s tale of complete submission by a young women to a variety of bondage and sexual experiences, it’s serious filmmaking and softcore sexual content seemed to evade a wave of obscenity prosecutions in the United States that followed that narrow 5-4 1973 Supreme Court decision allowing local communities to ban materials deemed sexually offensive to local politicians and prosecutors.

In it’s newest incarnation the classic French erotic story turns into a well produced adult hardcore 2 DVD disc epic, with 29 year old adult actress Bobbi Starr playing the lead role. In the promo stills used to promote the film, she does capture a very serious look where she’s playing a new character unlike any of her previous film roles, although she did start her career with some bondage and kinky films companies as a young newcomer actress a few years back. Bobbi Starr is certainly talented enough to become a breakthrough actress into mainstream films, and this new project might act as a launching pad toward that goal.

The new film based on the novel might only have a passing relationship to either THE STORY OF O or RETURN TO THE CHÂTEAU, the sequel novel, beyond the premise and the characters, but it does mark one of very few mainstream adult releases to incorporate bondage and kinky sex into the genre, as well as a greater premise and storyline that beckons back to a classic novel. And that represents a higher grade of adult film work, where this film likely takes it’s place among worthy or notable works in the series.

If you’re a fan of the 1954 novel, it’s sequel, as well as various film and comic adaptations, then the new film looks to be an ambitious effort to write a new chapter in this classic story.