Score another victory for those Islamic extremists who want to control world culture, but Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her concert tour in Indonesia after threats of violence from some local Islamic fascists. It seems that whenever Islamic extremists can’t make an appeal to reason, which is quite common, then they like to use violence threats to make their case. For some reason violence or threats of violence is a far lesser evil to these folks than Lady Gaga’s wacky dress or music, which some cultural extremists think is immodest despite the strong appeal of Lady Gaga among many young in Indonesia.

According to Wikipedia, The Islamic Defenders Front has a notorious reputation as a hate organization that uses violence against bars and other targets that don’t meet it’s own moral criteria. However, most in Indonesia prefer to believe in a moderate form of Islam that allows for some Western culture as well as rights for women. 50,000 tickets were sold to the Lady Gaga concert for example.

An idiot spokesman for the radical organization even referred to Lady Gaga as the devil, which is fascinating logic because Lady Gaga appears to be female, and according to most religious mythology, the devil is a male fallen angel whom people like to blame when they do crazy things and don’t want to take responsibility for their own acts. In the 1960’s comic Flip Wilson became popular for using the catch phrase, “The Devil made me do it”, while dressed as the outrageous drag character, Geraldine as an example.

Indonesian police need to do a better job putting extremists in jail when they use either violence or threats of violence to force others to follow their own personal political or religious views. People should have the right to decide whether Lady Gaga’s music is crap or not for themselves.