Bad news sure abounds for the world’s largest Christian church this week, as a new scandal has hit the Roman Catholic Church where the butler of the Pope was arrested for stealing secret documents detailing corruption and internal power struggles within the Vatican. The Butler was providing journalists with these secret insights since January into this very wealthy institution, that appears filled with serious problems.

Butler Paolo Gabriele, who is said to be either 46 or 47, based on various news reports was found to be in possession of vital Vatican documents in his apartment and was arrested by Vatican City police after an investigation into the document thefts. While the document thefts may have been illegal, they still served the important purpose of whistle blowing for a corrupt institution that appears to be out of control internally, while at the same time attempting to set moral laws for millions of Catholics worldwide to live under. Earlier in the week the church was rocked with some new claims of a connection to an Italian mobster figure and a story claiming that a 15 year missing girl was abducted for sex parties at the Vatican and then later murdered.

Wikipedia has a long detailed feature on huge number of sexual abuse cases that have been both alleged and convicted in courts of law involving clergy of this church. Further, there are claims by some that the German-born Pope has only helped to obstruct justice when crime investigations have taken place into problems in this institution.

Some of the bad news this week had to be tough for some Catholics to listen to. Many Catholics have a deep love of God and want to be able to trust in their church, and have to ask themselves today what to think about their membership in an institution that appears very troubled.