Flavor Fav, who constantly seems like he’s basking in the limelight of the longest 15 minutes of fame of any celebrity ever, is now facing a possible 180 days in jail for failure to pay a little over $111,000 in child support. Incredibly, the net worth for this celebrity is an estimated $9 million dollars, which seems pretty awesome considering that Flavor Fav was mostly known as that distracting guy with an over-sized clock on a chain around his neck while Chuck D appeared to do all the real work in the rap act Public Enemy. While Chuck D performed his rap, Flavor Fav would holler out, “Yeah boy!” or “Flavor Fav!”, which seemed like a rather puzzling performance. In fact, when Def Jam records went to sign the act, the executive of that company had difficulty understanding what the purpose of Flavor Fav was in the act, and only wanted to sign Chuck D. But, Chuck D insisted that both be signed as an act. Chuck D is married to an university professor, and remains one of music’s most intellectual performers, while Flavor Fav still remains simply puzzling as a celebrity. MTV even signed Flavor Fav to his own dating reality series. There seems to be steady work for this puzzling performer.

But, music has seen some puzzling stars emerge. For example, The Beatles were musical superstars, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, while Ringo Starr often seemed like just some Lucky guy who went for a ride to stardom on the backs of these other stars. Peter Best who dropped out of the act only went on the become a delivery man in the UK for a company similar to FedEx or UPS by comparison. And you can bet that he never got mobbed by girls for delivering a package.

Why stardom hits some people and eludes others seems more like dumb luck than anything.