A stunning claim by a senior 85 year old Roman Catholic priest that performed 70,000 exorcisms claims that a 15 year old Italian girl was abducted for Vatican sex parties, and was eventually murdered and buried in the tomb of a mobster. Father Gabriel Amorth was assisting an investigation into the disappearance of schoolgirl Emanuela Orlani, after a tip surfaced that her body was buried in a mobster’s tomb in a Catholic cemetery. It also turns out that remains found in the tomb were not the body of the mobster as they should have been, however the remains found in that tomb haven’t been positively identified yet, only putting a new cloud of speculation over sex scandals at the Catholic Church.

According to Father Gabriel Amorth, some Vatican police officers were assigned the role of recruiting victims for sordid sex parties, and schoolgirl Emanuela Orlani was a victim of one of these depraved and illegal sex parties held at the Vatican.

This is the second senior Roman Catholic Church priest to claim that victims were recruited for illegal and depraved sex parries held at the Vatican. The late Monsignor Simeone Duca also documented what was claimed to be actual incidents of the sexual recruitment for sex parties held at the Vatican as well.

The Catholic Church also opened themselves up to all of these problems because they allowed colorful organized crime figure Enrico De Pedis to be buried in an official Catholic cemetery after he was gunned down at the age of 38 by members of his own organized crime family. But, the church has gone along with some police investigations such as opening up the tomb of the gangster. The burial of gangster Enrico De Pedis was largely viewed as linked to large donations to the church by the crimelord, although another priest claims that De Pedis had repented of his crimes in jail, and was offered the burial site as a sign of acceptance of that repentance.

After so many stories of sex abuse in the church before, this latest story seems to have some real legs if the remains in the tomb eventually are identified as the missing girl who disappeared in 1983. However, the story could also blow away as more nonsense if it turns out that the remains are not hers, as well.

Since 1983, the story of Emanuela Orlani has fueled one wild story after another including connections to terrorists and even the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. Even Mehmet Ali Agca has offered up his own absurd theories including that the assassination plot was somehow organized by the Vatican itself, and that the girl was held prisoner at the Vatican, but now lives as a nun in South America.

Another day, another absurd conspiracy theory story about the disappearance of this 15 year old Italian girl who was a daughter of a Vatican City staffer. Italian tabloid news has had a field day with this puzzling crime story.