Despite having two excellent personalities in Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan, CNN’s primetime programming has hit terrible ratings lows with viewers. While Anderson Cooper was a widely respected and great journalist, his daytime syndicated show has probably been damaging to his credibility as a serious journalist for CNN, and hurt his ratings there. As an example, he attacked the “Barbie mom” on his syndicated show kicking her off the show, but then it’s hard for the public to accept his CNN show after such tabloid television.

And although Piers Morgan has done a very fine job taking over for Larry King, audiences just haven’t followed him as much as Larry King. Piers Morgan’s absence from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT has also hurt that show a little, where the ratings are slightly down from last year, where some audiences just haven’t warmed up completely to Howard Stern, although Howard Stern’s a far nicer man than he’s given credit far. This week a child singer wasn’t really very good on AMERICA’s GOT TALENT, and Howard Stern caused the child to cry. But Stern felt bad, and went onstage to comfort the child. Howard Stern has done well as the most critical judge on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, although his style is far from the very serious style of Piers Morgan.

CNN has a real problem here. Anderson Cooper has weakened his standing as a serious journalist, while Piers Morgan isn’t being totally accepted by Larry King’s old audience. But, both are too good to let go. CNN is probably scratching their heads right about now.

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