Robin Gibb lost his battle with cancer Sunday. Days ago he emerged from a coma, but in very poor condition, unable to speak, silencing his great voice. And with his health prognosis news not sounding very hopeful, it only seemed like a matter of days before the legendary singer might pass away from the very serious health problems he was facing. But, with his love of music and family, Robin Gibb managed to stay alive through sheer willpower it seemed. Robin Gibb desperately wanted to attend an event this Summer in which a memorial to British soldiers WWII was going to be celebrated.

Besides his success with his brothers in The Bee Gees, Robin Gibb had a number of solo albums and singles as well. Earlier this year Robin Gibb and son released a classical music album, TITANIC REQUIEM. But, Robin Gibb’s health had become too poor to help promote that album on tour. But, the singer remained hopeful that he would improve enough to be able to promote the album by this Summer. For a time, he looked to be making good progress, but then his cancer worsened and he went into a coma recently, but emerged in very poor health.

Barry Gibb, Robin’s younger brother now is the only surviving brother of the four Gibb brothers, and the sole surviving Bee Gees member.

Our prayers and sympathy are with his loving family at this time.