On last night’s season finale of SNL, comic actress extrodinaire, Kristen Wiig, got a big sendoff from host Mick Jagger. SNL will never be the same without this awesomely talented and beautiful actress. Further bad news is that Andy Samberg and Jason Sudakis may also be leaving the show as well, however producer Lorne Michaels cautions that no further cast changes will be announced until some point during the Summer.

38 year old actress Kristen Wiig is going to be busy with a blooming career in film. Her appearance in the hit film BRIDESMAIDS is probably the first of many major films for this great comic actress who emerges as the greatest talent the show has produced since Amy Pohler. When Amy Pohler left the show a couple seasons ago, it left a vacuum for Kristen Wiig to fill as the lead female comic on the show. And Wiig was wonderful, and probably the best performer on the show, bar none. She will no doubt be called back to host the show at times. Wiig was one of the greatest actors the show ever produced.

Andy Samberg also has a promising career ahead as well. He looks enough like a young Adam Sandler that he’s even starring as his son in a new film. And Andy Samberg skills with music as well.

Jason Sudeikis. probably wasn’t the greatest SNL cast member of all time, yet he played such great over the top persona characters that he will be greatly missed if he decides to actually move on next year. He was a very useful go-to guy for many lampoonish roles. He has also become a comic breakout star in roles in films such as HALL PASS, A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY and HORRIBLE BOSSES, once again proving himself as an able go-to guy for any comedy role where an outrageous comic actor is required. Jason Sudeikis has had a recurring role playing presidential candidate Mitt Romney, so SNL might be hard pressed to replace him for the September to November run-up to the election unless he stays on. He also plays a rather dense Joe Biden as well.

It should more than difficult to find actors as good as these three cast members. Each has made their own mark on SNL and left the show much better for their efforts.

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