In the biggest Chinese takeover of an American company in record, A Chinese company will purchase the giant AMC movie theater chain business for $2.6 billion dollars. Dalian Wanda Group will not only purchase the giant 346 movie theater chain, but will invest another half billion dollars into the theater company, making AMC the undisputed #1 movie theater chain in the world.

AMC had lost money for three years until this past year, where a number of blockbuster films helped to improve theater attendance to profitable levels. However, high debts by AMC to weather out their losses weakened the company, making it a prime takeover target to some wealthy investor.

Interestingly, Bain Capital, the business investment company once associated with presidential candidate Mitt Romney was one of the owners of AMC. By divesting of AMC, Bain and other owners will be able to free up cash for other business investments.

Dalian Wanda Group currently has 50,000 employees, and will now expand that labor pool with the AMC deal. The deal will also put more 3D and IMAX equipment into AMC theaters as well, which should expand ticket sales.

During 2011, Chinese companies had either acquired or invested more than $34 billion in U.S. companies, which had become prime takeover targets sometimes because of the recession weakening their financial footing. Worldwide, Chinese companies have either acquired or invested another $16 billion this year in global companies, that were often weakened by the recession as well. The strong Chinese economy compared to domestic weakness in the American economy makes many American business assets more easy to acquire.

On one hand, so much of the American economy is flowing to China, giving that country more clout in both political and financial dealings in the long run, but in the short term is keeping many Americans employed, although as an employee of a Chinese owned company. It’s a sort of mixed bag.

Dalian Wanda Group not only owns 80 movie theaters in China, but also owns a number of hotels. The same company is also looking to possibly buy up some of America’s hotel chains as well.