Godsmack still rates as one of the top modern alternative hard rock bands these days. And their new double cd live album is a pretty nice package to say the least. Not only featuring one disc of mostly new live versions of their best songs, but a second disc features their own interpretations of classic rock favorites like Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way”, as well as The Beatles’ classic, “Come Together” and Pink Floyd’s, “Money”. Admittedly, I’m much more of a classic rock fan here, and I loved these new alternative hard rock versions of these classics the best here. But, fans of Godsmack will love the whole package here.

Not a bad brand new alternative hard rock album at all here. My compliments to Godsmack for this cool new release. Play this album loud. Very loud.

The Bottom Line: A very good hard rock album in the alternative rock genre. ***(Three Stars Good. Go out and buy this album. Get the deluxe double cd version.)