With new advances in 3D TV, movies and technology, 3D movies are now a bigger reality than they ever were in the 1950’s with a few experimental films such as 1953’s HOUSE OF WAX. The National Stereographic Society will hold it’s 38th annual convention in July in Costa Mesa, California, as a showcase for all new advances in 3D technology along with the history of 3D.

Participants will get to view historic technology starting with the old Viewmaster systems, as well being able to shoot their own little 3D photos or short video segments at the convention.

Because of the huge interest by adult filmmakers in the new 3D technology, there will even be a special Friday night event open to persons over 18 to watch some recent 3D technology adult entertainment production films. These films will only contain nudity with no hardcore content, yet they are a pretty good showcase for new 3D technology advances.

A number of leading TV brands are working on direct view, no glasses, 3D televisions which appear to be the next advance over high definition technology. Likely, this technology isn’t too many years away, based on some early prototypes for systems integrating this technology. Direct view 3D televisions will make today’s TVs obsolete once again. However, some important FCC rulings might have to take place for a standard for this new technology to become the rule. And older non-3D TV shows or movies might have to undergo some sort of compatibility conversion to successfully air on TV networks who use this new technology. Regardless of all of these major hurdles, you can probably expect home 3D technology to be very common in around 10-12 years at most.