The producers and cast of 30 ROCK have decided to end the show after this upcoming season. The show became a vehicle for talented SNL writer and performer Tina Fay to write a prime time comedy that has won more than a few Emmy nominations and Awards. And, although this Tina Fey written production is coming to an end, NBC hopes that Tina Fey will consider a new project for the network and remain an entity at NBC for many years to come.

When Tina Fey and some talented female cast members took over the helm at SNL some years ago, it seemed like a golden age for the show compared to the previous intellectual and acting funk it was in. Tina Fey did wonders for that show. And apparently she worked some magic for prime time TV as well according to all the nominations for awards for 30 ROCK. NBC owes Tina Fey a ton of praise for what she’s done for the also-ran TV network.

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