Buzz for days was that CBS would likely cancel either CSI: NY or CSI:MIAMI, leading to a waiting game by anxious viewers of both shows. And the ending of CSI_NY on Friday sure looked like a possible exit episode to most viewers. However, it turned out that it was CSI:MIAMI that got cut from the CBS Fall lineup. CSI:MIAMI lasted for 10 seasons, but seemed to be hit with lagging ratings after a move to Sunday from it’s long held Monday night 10pm slot. Further, HAWAII 5-0, which replaced CSI:MIAMI on Monday night seemed like a slightly similar tropical crime drama, perhaps not really leaving room for two shows with slightly similar themes.

David Caruso played an interesting lead character in CSI:MIAMI. He played the role much like a Western gunslinger, where it wasn’t too difficult not to imagine him as some tough Western sheriff out to clean up crime in his town. David Caruso’s role will go in history as one of the great crime fighters on the small screen.

It wasn’t too surprising to see that CBS would cancel ROB. Rob Schneider is a very nice fellow, but he has managed to fail at nearly everything he attempts. Most of his movies are considered to be box office poison by the critics. But, in all fairness, ROB had a few pretty funny moments and wasn’t as painful as a tooth extraction to watch. It was sort of enjoyable, and even did pretty well in the ratings for a short time before settling into a slump between THE BIG BANG THEORY and PERSON OF INTEREST on Thursday. CBS just needed a little stronger entry in that prime-time 8:30 time slot and gave ROB it’s eight week run to prove itself. But, now the show won’t go back into production again. It’s over.

UNFORGETTABLE was also canceled by CBS, just as some TV insiders were claiming would happen. Yet, the show actually began to build an audience in recent weeks, even finally making a brief appearance among the top 20 shows on TV. CBS even went to some lengths to induce viewers to watch by even recently referring to the show as a “hit show”. But, CBS actually had intentions to end the Poppy Montgomery crime drama and to look to replace it with something else. CBS probably never felt the show was really a hit and was just looking to recruit viewers with a little hype. But, this show wasn’t that bad. It was a fairly good crime drama, but just had the hit power of some other CBS crime dramas.

Now, the job at CBS is to carefully tweak the schedule ever so slightly as to maintain the network’s ratings strengths over it’s rivals. The premiere of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT on NBC will probably take some of the wind out of the CBS sails during the Summer season of reruns. Outside of THE VOICE and AMERICA’s GOT TALENT, NBC shows really lag in the ratings compared to the strong field of CBS shows. CBS is the top network because it’s the best managed of the networks, and the careful surgery over at CBS well proves why this network is at the top of the heap.

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