According to TMZ, a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson, Matt Fiddes, has some shocking allegations of the mental health decline of the singer near the end of his life, including ordering his older brother Randy Jackson to be shot by bodyguards when Randy Jackson attempted to force his way into Michael Jackson’s estate to urge him to sign a $500 million dollar Jackson 5 reunion contract deal.

At one point, Michael Jackson even became sympathetic of Nazis, although he himself was African American, and would poke holes in a Steven Spielberg voodoo doll he owned according to the claims of the former bodyguard. Another claim of Fiddes is that Jackson also grew to despise Madonna.

As Michael Jackson’s legal problems mounted because of some serious criminal allegations against him, his personal wealth as well as physical and mental health all suffered declines. Things became a downward spiral for the singer, who had lost respect among the public, instead often becoming just a butt of jokes by comics.