Some lesser name porn actresses and Eric Roberts are some of the biggest name stars featured in this outrageous new Charles Band trash cinema horror film that seems more like a soft porn film at some moments than anything. Near the opening scene, Eric Roberts is one of three men involved in a twisted orgy scene at a 1920’s movie actress’ home. When she’s given the bad news that her latest film is a flop and her voice doesn’t work well for a talkie film, she freaks out and murders everyone at the orgy. Apparently, the horny dead guys then ghost up this old mansion in modern days only continuing their reign of holy horny terror behavior with new women. Not really a serious plot mind you, but still a twisted little bit of horror and eye candy fun regardless.

On a mere $500,000 dollar budget, Charles Band created this low budget horror flick which has some of best bad horror film poster art to say the least. You know from a mile away this film isn’t going to be another CITIZEN KANE, yet it’s an enjoyable bit of trash cinema.

The opening credits are pretty interesting as well, where the film pays homage to many early 1920’s horror films, setting up the opening 1920’s scene for the murder at the orgy.

In some ways the film reminds a person of the Ed Wood era after PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE when he began making some low budget color soft porn horror films in the early 60’s, somewhat.

If you’d like to curl up to a bad movie with some popcorn, then this latest Charles Band release might just be your cup of tea. It’s enjoyable enough.

The Bottom Line: Hardly high art by any means, just enjoy this film for what it is. ** (Two Stars, Fair. Yet, good enough to be entertaining, which is really all you should expect right here. Rent this one).