Congratulations, Charlotte Bobcats! You guys set a record, but for all the wrong reasons. You compiled a terrible 7-59 record for this shortened NBA season, the worst ever in league history. That’s only about a 11% winning record. That’s really poor.

About the only good news here is that this team should be a front of the line to get at least one of the best first and second round draft picks. Other than that, what can you say about a team with this sort of record. And certainly the coach was fired this week. That’s a given considering a record this bad.

Unbelievably, season tickets might go for as little as $43 for next season, another record low. With ticket prices this low, how long this team stays around is a good question. At some point, things that take in as little money as this sometimes go broke fast. How long can team owner Michael Jordan be associated with a business venture this bad? This is even worse than his baseball career. The only thing that could possibly help this team would be for old and retired Michael Jordan to suit up and add a little excitement here.

At least the LadyCats, the cheerleading squad, is holding auditions now. They can probably dance better than these guys can play, methinks!

BTW, guys that face paint support for this team allows them to at least hide their deeply embarrassed faces. Next to joining a witness protection program, facepainting for a really bad team is about as anonymous as you can get.

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