Late night comics have received a major gift with the story of the crazy tanning mom from New Jersey. Looking much like a dried out piece of shoe leather, Patrica Krentcil, has made news for her absurd appearance and raised attention from police after she brought her kindergarten aged daughter with her to the tanning booth studio. Comics like Jay Leno had a field day last night making jokes about the latest disturbed personality to make the national news.

The 44 year old woman appears to addicted to tanning studios, and has gone far beyond a healthy tan all the way to absurd levels, and now sports a bizarre appearance similar to an oven cooked turkey. She appears nearly oven charred, and shocked viewers on national TV when she supposedly attempted to justify her outrageous behavior. She even vaguely suggested that some sort of rival is responsible for personal the attacks on her. Krentcil lashed out at her critics with some rude words over the last two days.

For Patricia Krentcil, her 15 minutes of fame should be done, if not overdone, soon. But, for the comics, she’s a wealth of new comedy material.

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