Coos County Oregon candidate for County Commissioner, Dale A. Pennie, has been named as “a person of interest” by the local sheriff’s office in the mysterious disappearance of his brother, Glenn Pennie. Glenn Pennie, a mild mannered man who lived alone with his cat, was supposed to inherit $1 million dollars, and had his truck all loaded to make the trip to sign papers to collect this inheritance before disappearing, leaving his unlocked truck parked in his driveway. The case has baffled police investigators who have centered much of their investigation on Dale A. Pennie’s relationship with his brother.

Dale A. Pennie hasn’t really helped himself much in the investigation because he seems to hold a lot of anger at his missing brother, and claims not to miss him since he disappeared. But, none of these serious questions have held back Pennie from seeking public office. For his part, Dale A. Pennie claims to have been away at the time his brother disappeared and claims to have a witness to back up his story. Yet, all of the questions about Dale A. Pennie can’t help his candidacy for public office very much, who claims to be a former reserve police officer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a “person of interest” in a murder case wanted to seek public office. Convicted serial killer Ted Bundy was once being urged by Republican Party state leaders in Washington state to run for governor, but decided against the run for the state’s highest office. Senator Edward Kennedy ran for re-election several times and even made a run for president in 1980, despite the possibility that he might have caused the drowning manslaughter death of a woman in his car under the influence of alcohol in an accident.