Chrysler’s New Dodge Dart

Chrysler is bringing back the famous Dodge Dart nameplate for their new Italian designed subcompact that they hope will appeal to BMW type buyers. The Alfa Romeo designed subcompact will have a decidedly European look and should give the Fiat controlled Chrysler company another hot new entry to market. Although the price starts in the $16,000 range, the new Dart is supposed to seem like a BMW, but at a Ford Focus pricing.

Chrysler hopes to recover money by offering 100,000 color and option combinations for the small car, which should considerably increase it’s profitability. Generally, small cars are far and away the least profitable that car makers offer, so such a wide array of options will make the car not only more personal to buyers, but also makes a car company a lot more money as well.

Fiat has the best of all worlds in their relationship with Chrysler. The federal government helped to force a marriage of Chrysler and Fiat, where Fiat doesn’t put any money into the company, yet controls Chrysler, and supplies products to sell and technology. That’s a pretty risk free way for Fiat to make a reentry back into the U.s. market after previous failures in the 60’s and 70’s. Fiat officially ended their last U.S. effort in 1982, however received some last life as the last Fiats brought here were Fiat X19 sportscars mildly restyled and marketed as Bertones by the private investor Malcolm Bricklin until 1987.

So far, the sales of new Chrysler vehicles seem to be doing well, and up significantly. So this latest marriage of Chrysler and Fiat seems to working pretty well this time out.

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  • ravenshrike

    The problem is that it’s named the Dodge Dart. Not exactly a name that screams taste.

    New car?

    Yeah I bought a Dart!

  • MichaelLaprarie

    I was much more excited about the cars that came out of the partnership between Daimler-Benz and Chrysler (300M, Pacifica, Crossfire) than I am about anything coming out of Fiat-Chrysler.

    I guess it goes without saying there is a world of difference between being “the Mercedes-Benz” of automobiles, and being the “Fiat” of automobiles.

    Fix It Again Tony!