The Asylum has done it again, producing another moderate budget outrageous film that ranks as one of the most bizarre premises ever, yet works as a film. WWII nazis escape to the center of the Earth and capture surface dwellers to use body parts for fiendish experiments to revive the Third Reich. In one of the most outrageous scenes, the head of Adolf Hitler, complete with a bullet hole in the head from his suicide attempt, is brought back to life with a robotic body much like a transformers robot. It’s just one of many scenes in this film that works well. In many ways, this film is like the CITIZEN KANE of The Asylum films, and without a doubt their best film so far. It represents a real landmark in their outrageous moderately budgeted genre of strange films.

The Nazis even develop a flying saucer to bring their warfare to a new level, and the scene where it is challenged by fighter jets is effective and cool sci fi cinema.

Even Jake Busey seems effective here as a twisted character with more than a few unsettling qualities.

All in all, this is the most ambitious film ever by The Asylum, and one of their most enjoyable ever. Using moderate budgets and many costing saving filmmaking techniques to wise advantage, The Asylum manages to turn profits while many other bigger film companies struggle to consistently make hit films. Too many companies throw $100 million or more at some project, only to suffer box office failures. The Asylum spends far less money, but consistently proves to be able to produce “mockbuster” films that have much of the same look as bigger films, but with far less production money. Blue Moon, The Asylum and Troma have all three proved that a business model based on producing effective movies can be done on smaller budgets, NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH is perhaps far and away the best of this moderate budget genre of films ever.

The Bottom Line: The Asylum’s best and most effective film to date, bar none. outrageous and throughly enjoyable. ***(Three Stars, Good. A budget effective horror-sci fi war film that’s both outlandish as well as fun. Buy or rent this one!).