Marc Bolan was one of the most prolific artists at one time. He not only had a wide array of new song concepts in mind, but also always seemed to keep a recorder handy so that he wouldn’t forget his idea later for these new songs. This seemed to work to the advantage of his fans after his tragic 1977 motor vehicle accident death as a huge number of posthumous releases of these outtakes have been officially released, let alone a number of bootlegs. In very recent years, it seems like the number of new posthumous releases has slowed, likely because few more of these outtakes exist. However, the library of these outtakes is so extensive that a book that acts as a guide to all of these outtakes of Marc Bolan exists. And just like his own collection of songs, this Marc Bolan outtake guide is a fairly large and extensive book.

At 54.49 British pounds this book doesn’t come too cheap either. But, Marc Bolan fans will find this book an essential item. From Great Horse Publishers in New Zealand comes this 288 page hardbound book that can also be purchased from Easy Action Records over in the UK as well. The postage will be steep, yet few real Marc Bolan collectibles seem to come all that cheap. This book will certainly make a wonderful library item for any true fan.

Starting with Bolan’s preT.Rex recordings as early as 1964 as Toby Tyler, and including his mostly acoustic work with hippie duo, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and then including his 1970-1977 electric phase with the far more commercial T.Rex act, this guide helps fans of Bolan to sift through all known recording he ever produced. There are included sections on home demos, studio recordings, concerts and guest appearances on TV shows, including TOP OF THE POPS which Bolan hosted for some weeks and also performed on. This book includes all known works by the artist.

A GUIDE TO THE OUTTAKES OF MARC BOLAN is the closest thing to a bible on the artist that can be found. Marc Bolan remains a cult favorite among his fans. And this book will help you sift through what is known to exist by the artist.

The Bottom Line: An essential work for all fans of Marc Bolan. ****(Four Stars Excellent. A nearly flawless effort to authoritatively compile all known works of Marc Bolan. Quite an endeavor in itself. An excellent effort. Bravo!).