With only slow economic recovery during the Obama Administration years, most in the business community really wanted to hear some sort of good news from the Republicans. But, they don’t have any good news to share either. It turns out that the 2012 Republican Party economic platform will be almost exactly the same platform as under the Bush Administration, but just “updated” according to RNC spokeswoman, Alexandra Franceschi.

With recovery only moving at a snail’s pace, and the Republicans only willing to offer up the very same economic policies that helped to create this recession mess in the first place, it doesn’t really leave business community voters with much of a choice. Unlike the economic boom years under Democrat Bill Clinton, or the later part of the Republican Ronald Reagan years, both parties seem to have reached the point of running out of new ideas how to revive the economy, only leaving many businesses on the brink of financial collapse unless they lay off workers and cut their costs to become profitable.

Even Washington politics now center around what programs to end and what budgets to cut, rather than any new ideas how to grow the economy. I suppose that’s what happens when the economy is being managed by lawyers rather than people with some business experience. Washington is top heavy with lawyers

With two political parties offering the business community two versions of economic policies that don’t work, pretty much means that our ongoing economic problems are probably here to stay for a while. And that’s not good news. Many businesses just don’t have the economic resources to weather years of slow sales and few available lines of business credit.