The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has filed lawsuits against both MTV and FANTASY FACTORY star Rob Drydek for ripping the club’s famous “death head” logo and reproducing the very similar logo design on T-shirts and other items as part of the Reckless Youth line of clothing. MTV broadcast these ripoff designs on the FANTASY FACTORY show.

Likely some judge will find the Reckless Youth designs way too similar to the famous Hells Angels logo design and order this brand to stop or even pay some damages for infringing this design with a design so similar as to create confusion.

Several years ago the famous motorcycle club began to copyright their various products only for sale as officially licensed products. On Ebay for example a number of officially licensed products by various chapters help to offer support for various club activities including year round charity work for kids, seniors and veterans. Most Hells Angels members are former military members, with many former Marines for example. Hells Angels are also popular with some rock musicians, and have even provided security at some concert events as well.

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