Robin Gibb who is battling for his life since slipping into a coma following a pneumonia complication following his cancer battle, seems to be showing some signs of responding to music by his family, his wife, Dwina, claims. Robin’s younger brother, Barry, has sung to him at his bedside. And playing recorded songs such as Roy Orbison’s, “Crying” has resulted in Robin shedding some tears. Robin has even nodded his head to some things the family claims as well. These might all be positive signs that the singer once well known for many hit songs with The Bee Gees, is truly battling his health scare and “Stayin’ Alive” by sheer willpower.

Robin’s devoted wife and family have kept up an amazing bedside vigil the last few days in hopes of pulling the ailing singer from the throes of possible death. And it appears that Robin is showing great will to live by responding to his love of music and family.

All in all, this is an amazing story that may well have a happy ending after all. We can only hope and pray.